Single Digital Motor Protector YP-810MRK

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  • Have such protection functions as short circuit protection, stalling protection, overload anti time protection, earthing protection, open phase/unbalance protection, underload protection, TE curve protection, electric dazzling protection; 
  • Measure such electrical parameters as three-phase current, zero-sequence current, three-phase current unbalance factor, realize comprehensive protection for motor
  • The relay protection output is by means of protection trip and it completely takes place of conventional thermal relay. Secondary circuit is placed in through normal closed contact of intermediate relay
  • Wide range AC/DC power supplyAC/DC110V ~ 250V 
  • RS-485 communication interface, Modbus-RTU communication protocol
  • 4 channel switching value input can realize the acquisition of external state quantity; 2 channel relay protection control output, used in protecting tripping and failure alarm output etc
  • Display unit: LCD display the real time value of three phyase current and protection event record,the proteciton parameter can be set through the display unit or communication software
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