Transmitter TST8080QT Rated input 250~2000A Rated output 4-20mA

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with built-in converter 

External supply 924V dc
Primary current:
 55000A ac
Secondary current
 420mA dc
Busbar dimensions:

Used in power lines to obtain a current proportional to the primary current rated at
20 mA in the secondary.
Recommended in scenarios where the process signal must be proportional to the current of an automated system or PLC and the
installation's power supply can not be interrupted to install a closed entrance bar transformer.

Technical index:
Operating temperature -10℃~+50
Overloads (at room temperature) 1.5 In permanent
 ±1.5% reading (between 5... 110 % In)
 50 / 60 Hz (line)
Highest voltage in the material 
 0.72KV ac 

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